People who say behind your back


People who say behind your back

Let them talk behind your back. they are behind you for a reason.

People who talks behind your back are full of insecurities that they can’t withstand what’s with you that they don’t have, although in a way you become popular by their talk. Anyway it’s their problem not yours. Just be yourself! ~ Ciel Garfield 

People are so rude but just think you’re somebody special if there even talking about you they must be really interested in you. ~ Mary Tuite 

Don’t be affected of what people may say on you, as long as you don’t do anything below their belt just go. Let it be their problem not yours. ~ Dailen Casuco Tila-on 

Never hate them. Actually, they are the people who think you are ahead of them.

Just live your life to the fullest and be happy no matter what, as long as you’re not doing anything wrong to anybody. Go on with your life and avoid negative and toxic people around you. ~ Josephine Vallejera 

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