Do what you did in the beginning of a Relationship


Do what you did in the beginning of a Relationship

The quote doesn’t mean you have to stay exactly the same, never growing nor changing, that would be boring and unnatural. It simply means, have respect, courtesy, patience in the early days, for a while you are on “best behaviour”, you don’t criticize, are co-operative, attentive. Continue with all these things, make your partner feel special and valued, and it keeps you in good stead. ~ Rachel Graves

In the beginning of a relationship you are trying to put a good foot forward, you’re funny, romantic, spontaneous, you can’t get enough of the person and you treat them as though they mean the world to you. The quote simply means don’t stop trying to be that great partner. People tend to get complacent. Don’t let that be you. ~ Taylor Gamble

At the start and birth of any relationship, its a natural and common tendency to create and make as good an impression as possible, investing 100% effort in order to get the ball rolling and moving along. As the years roll by, somewhere down the road, the pure excitement of romance dulls with time as does a fading of the thrill of spontaneity. The magical spark of first falling in love loses its original lust-re and the dreaded complacency sets in and takes root. What used to be fun before now settles into a boring chore to be endured, no longer enjoyable. That’s sounding the death knell of any happy relationship. The trick therefore is to keep fanning the excitement and preserving the romance in all its freshness to ensure the magic is still very much alive and the relationship ticking steadily and happily. Continue in the manner you first started and there won’t be the slightest hitch to encounter. ~ Margaret Young 

So many relationships fail once the chase is over and the honeymoon stage is long gone. If only more people understood that keeping something alive takes a great amount of nurturing every single day. ~ Barbara Atkinson 

Always look for new ways to add excitement. Nothings perfect, but if you nurture your relationship it will continue to grow. Never expect more than you’re willing to give. ~ Michelle Willis 

I always try to leave a little treat or note for the hubby at least a couple times a week just to let him know I still feel the same. Its the little things that mean the most. ~ Kim Clemente 

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