Every woman is beautiful in her own way


Every woman is beautiful in her own way

Every woman is beautiful, she needs to see it for herself and not rely on any man to make her feel beautiful, she just needs to look in the mirror and see it for herself. ~ Lisa Sullivan

Every woman is beautiful in her own way and her beauty is proven when everyone that see her says she is beautiful inside out, meaning she got a good heart and common sense. She does not bring anybody down and she is busy minding her own business doing constructive work that’s not only beneficial to herself but for everyone around her. ~ Norma Powell

Every woman is beautiful, but every woman should see her own beauty first before any man does. ~ Joyce Ray

No such thing as an ugly female, some are just prettier than others and beauty is only skin deep because real beauty comes from the inside. ~ Christopher Towers

Gender role patterns are destructive. We should invite more freedom into our lives by abandoning these role patterns. We have a problem up ahead: (some, not all) women will start to make impossible demands for men whilst not treating them the same way as these women want to be treated; like queens. I see women with very ugly personalities have impossible demands for men because they think they are special since they were born as women. If you expect to be treated like that, then you’ve got to return the favour as well. Never be the one who is waiting for others. Always be the one who makes the first move. Love is going two ways. Giving and receiving. I believe the main cause for the failure of many relationships is not giving and only receiving. One sidedness needs to go. The gender role patterns don’t suit everybody because everyone’s unique and needs a different treatment. ~ Rolph Mars

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