Explain your anger, don’t Express it


Explain your anger, don't Express it

Don’t explain to people, they only hear what they want to hear. ~ Paulo coelho

Shut up when you are angry is the best way. Go to sleep and cool it off. When you wake up you will find that it was nothing much to be angry about. ~ Kpo Junnie 

When you make an effort to explain your anger to another, you, in turn, explain it to yourself enabling you to have a deeper understanding and possible solutions within your own consciousness. ~ Sheryl Dowlin 

Don’t express it since you won’t get the solutions just know that the more anger you carry in your heart the less room there is for love. 

Expression of Anger is intolerable while in explanation there’s a margin of understanding and compromise.

You must explain your anger to yourself. The only who must listen and learn is yourself. Others will or will not come along.

It’s worth trying to be able to teach others a new way to deal with anger. Anger is a feeling and you are allowed to feel it, but you are not entitled to hurt others when you are angry. So explain if not to the person who fired your anger, at least to someone else. ~ Claudia Isabel

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