Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person


Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person

A promise is a promise. If you know you can’t keep it, don’t make it. ~ Susan Krasch

Give it time and people will hurt you eventually. It is just how life goes, no one is perfect. ~ Kristin Jewel

This is to give people an opportunity to open up and express their feelings. Some people have no one to talk to and some people need to vent. However “depressive” you may think this is, it is very important to acknowledge pain, feel it, accept it, and eventually move on. Life is a struggle sometimes but that is how we grow and without the struggles, we would not learn anything. It hurts but it has to. It will caution for later times in life. ~ Michelle Chapman

Best to ask Why and settle with yourself and them. Ask the person yourself instead of asking others or talking about the situation to others. We must love one another and respect each others feelings. We are always most hurt by those we love the most, because of the love. ~ Judy Vierra

A person who loves you genuine doesn’t hurt you purposely. But it happens. If your expectations in him/her are too high, then you might ask yourself as well if you only hurt because in your eyes they disappointed you? Also ask yourself how many times you might disappointed him/her. Consider we all are just humans, we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. Expect as much as you can expect from yourself. We all have our limits. ~ Julia Rumpler

It takes some of us longer than others to learn (not to be hard hearted by any means) but just to leave a little bit of space between people you really love and care about. I have found that just because your heart is full of good things about a person, does not mean that that other person will not, or could not, surprise you when you least expect it. You have to protect your heart above all else. ~ Michelle Chapman

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