Forget rumors and drama people spreading about you


People will always spread

Keep smiling and forget about the rumors and drama. Not worth wasting your energy on it.

No one can humiliate or hurt you without your permission. 

Just smile and walk away. It will drive them crazy trying to figure out what you are up to. ~ Warren Cooley 

Smile and it makes them mad. Why not if they are stupid enough to believe the lies, smile and walk away. They were never your friends. ~ Tammy Riley 

Usually it’s because they are jealous, and have no life to better themselves with. Know you are not one of the gossipers mate, and you are very much loved in my world. ~ Gee Tcou 

On some levels but you and only you can control what people say about you. People who spread rumors or start drama about other people is because their own life is not interesting enough to talk about. ~ Cynthia Miller 

People who do that are so full of insecurities in their own life that’s what they do to hide them. You will notice that after they done this to you they go straight to another person. ~ Alan Thomas 

Remember, it is none of your business what other people think about you. It’s what you think of you- that is important. ~ Sharon McGow 

The more people talk about you and try to bring you down, the better you’re doing for yourself. ~ Nathan Baldachino 

Somebody won’t be happy when we’re happy so that person will create all the drama and stories. All we have to do is to shake it off, be happy knowing that God is still in the throne fighting our every battles. ~ Tintin Gorospe 

When you point one finger at someone else, you have three pointing back at yourself.

Most of the time, all you have do is show them a mirror.

Why should I care about those kind of people. I just go to work with a smile and came back with a smile and more happy about myself. ~ Inise Weers 

I rise above them and show then honesty will set you free. It wasn’t easy but I did it and I feel stronger and I smile. ~ Theresia Oorschot 

I don’t worry about the little things any more in life. I worry about the lord and me for even my kids. ~ Juliana Garibay 

One person asked why I was so happy all the time, like I was doing something criminal or being totally out of my mind. Sometimes there’s no way of rising above some people, because that would only make you as bitter as they are or worse. It’s best to walk away. Let them gossip, frown and sulk with their equals. ~ Johanna Hiltunen 

Talk is cheap, sticks and stones won’t break my bones. ~ Unknown

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