Hardest lessons in life is letting go


Hardest lessons in life is letting go

The trouble is people are often so cut up that when one door closes they miss the new door that’s open in front of them, but the new door always offers something better.

Where would you be if you hadn’t changed, evolved, grown, loved, outgrown, discovered It’s called life. Just think of all the old to let go & good things to welcome in with love. ~ Michelle Tiner 

In every situation, look at it, learn from it then let it go and you’ll see a chance and from that chance you have to choose ( for it’s you’re choice) in order to change for the better. ~ Roc Bulacan

Change is what the journey God is taking us on is all about. If we do not change, we have wasted the time God has provided us to grow more like Him. ~ Lea Langley

We have to be stronger and do it. Sometimes we can’t see the brighter picture unless we change. ~ Sharleen Johnson

Letting go all the negatives when they’ve been embedded in you has a way of taking away from you. ~ Taylor Syverson

When people truly learn this in their soul, they will learn we don’t need to hang onto anything. People hold onto the material world also. House’s, cars, diamonds and gold, this list is long. But most of all their belief system that had bound them to their emotions. Let go of the surface emotions. The more I give the more I receive. The more I bless the more I am blessed. The more I love the more I am loved. ~ Zona Evon 

It’s a fight no matter which way you look at it, truly loving someone is always a fight keeping them or letting them go. But always be sure that one day they will realize what they have lost or just simply realize that what they have done isn’t what they really wanted but it now too late to make it right. But change is good if God put us there because he has something better for us, so be thankful and live life to the fullest. ~ Yolanda Aguirre

Change is inevitable, just look in the mirror. Life is a continued series of changes, which we cannot avoid or need to. But, God has our best interest in mind in whatever is going on. He has your back, he loves you. Go to him. ~ Vickie Franklin

The right decision for the right time will lead you to the right changes. ~ Mtheressa Nazanu

In the end what matters most is, how well did you live, how well did you love & how well did you learn to let go. ~ Wendy Simmons 

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