Allow yourself to hope, believe & trust again


Allow yourself to hope, believe & trust again

You don’t have to rebuild the trust with the one who broke it. Just don’t be afraid to trust someone else. ~ Jenny Aus 

To trust again, not mainly the same people or person but generally trusting again, not going through life searching for flaws in people because that just makes you a bitter, hateful, spiteful person, carrying anger that never ends. ~ John Aga 

You can never trust a person who broke the trust you established for him/her because trust can never be earn overnight. It takes time and once you know you gain it from someone, never do a thing that would break it because it can never be earned exactly the same as you had before. Doubts will always be in the mind of that person. ~ Elmz Hunnie 

Every new person deserves a brand new start and should not pay for what someone did to you. ~ Lori Robinson 

It’s not bad memories, it’s bad experiences, being lied to, being led on, being used, being put down/called names, being hurt and taken for a ride too many times and for too long that destroys trust 100% in people. ~ Jules Starfish 

We must learn from our bad experiences. Trusting again or not, it depends from the new persons you meet in life, from their character, their behavior when dealing with them.Only then you can decide whether they deserve to be trusted and kept in your life forever. ~ Mary Gravari 

Stop looking at your past any longer. Don’t hold a grudge in your heart anymore. Forgive & forget what is behind and strain towards what is ahead. ~ John Aga 

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