Some people will better your life by being in it


Some people will better your life by being in it

Always remember that like electricity, without both the positive and the negative, the current of life cannot flow. ~ Mike Stevens 

There is no such thing as no way out! You should be in control of your own life. You do not have to tolerate anybody or anything that brings you any form of negativity. Believe in yourself and your abilities. There has to be a solution, just trust your instincts. ~ Zahra Haych 

Finding a personal balance is best. A balanced self-esteem. We need both. Too much of anything can be harmful. Often lean towards the positive, yet take some negative. We ‘must’ be open to some criticism, otherwise we would not make improvements especially constructive criticisms mostly from friends & family to start. The positive is our energy to drive forward, the negative is our driving adjustments. ~ Shawncy Bynog 

More connected with maximum positive people and disconnected with negative people makes you happy, and you will have the energy and the group to make positive energy broads, in case you connect with negative people all the problems and sad life comes, the art of connecting with positive people and disconnect with negative people I guess that the people that manages better this rules the world and are the greatest force in healing earth as soon as possible. The core best heart is this kind of people, in them resides the best possible future in the fastest time, they are the closest to God in earth in some way, the main key to the best of the best for them and for everybody in the end. ~ Diego Martinotti 

Some people do not know how to see things without complaining.

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