Put your phone away & Pay attention to those talking to you


Put your phone away & Pay attention to those talking to you

Putting your phone away and driving your vehicle? There’s an app for that, it’s called RESPONSIBILITY.

Get off the phone texting and spend time with your loved ones.

The fancy phones came out and people got even ruder.

Young one’s don’t even know how to talk to you today or carry on a conversation. I hate phones and don’t own one because of it. ~ Roxanne Ramey

People have forgotten how to communicate without cells, sms, mms and I find it very boring and rude. ~ Lisbeth Grönhult

Paying attention to the daily activities of your family instead of just playing games in your cellphone all the time. ~ Paula Divinagracia

Respect went out when cell phones came in. ~ Trish Monaghan

When one is in the middle of a conversation and the cell phone rings, don’t answer it. It will go to voice mail soon enough. ~ Allen Kraps

That’s why I tell people that the phone isn’t part of me. There is nothing more rude than a person that doesn’t even excuse themselves when a call interrupts your conversation or business with them, they just turn, start talking and walking away. If that’s the way you treat customers, I don’t need to do business with you. If that’s the way you treat family, shame on you. ~ Christine Gordon

Saw on the news where they were filming people without them knowing it and cars were almost hitting them because they were texting on their phones and crossing streets. ~ Darla Dunn

You can read your text messages and e-mails at another time. There is voice mail and you can call them back later. I do not understand why every text, tweet, e-mail, phone call requires an immediate response. My cell phone is for my own convenience and I am not a slave to it. ~ Mary Prichard

I see families in restaurants, each of them on their phone texting or taking a call. Such a missed opportunity to be a family. ~ Sue Ellenburg

I get so fired up when I go to lunch with someone and they cannot stay off their phone. Just don’t go to lunch, then all you see around you is couples on their phones and not even talking. It is so irritating and sad at the same time. We have lost respect for each other and technology has become way too important to some folks. ~ Linda Heusner

I get wrapped up when I am reading. That’s my me time. I do understand the respect part though. I refuse to be on my phone when I am in line or having a conversation with someone. The phone can wait. ~ Staciy Wilson

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