You need to forget what’s gone in your life


You need to forget what's gone in your life

Learn from the past, then forget it. Live in the now! It’s the only reality there is!

When people walk out of your life let them go if they honestly ever wanted to be there in the first place they would never chose to leave. When you truly love anyone you never even consider that person out of your life for even a day. If they leave appreciate your friends and family that never left your side, but were there for you at your darkest, loneliest moments as those that really love you and can always no matter what be counted on.

Those people would never abandon you, they care too much to ever hurt you. In life, you meet one person besides family that wants to spend their life with you and when you meet that one right person there’s never any reason to ever have to worry because that right person will be your soul mate, they will be there, they will be supportive, your best friend, you will be their top priority, there will always be trust and communication just between the two of you not shared with others. They will never want there to ever be a possibility of each of the two of you not being together. They will view your lives as enjoined/intertwined to where your lives are one and they can clearly see and work towards the goal of one day sharing a future together and doing everything humanly possible to make that happen. When one finds that, that’s what they call endless love/everlasting love. Love and trust being what binds everything together. ~ Donna Ragsdale 

Don’t forget what is gone, just don’t dwell on it. It is part of our life, molds us into who we are. Just always move forward, the past is gone, enjoy today, don’t dwell on the past or future or you are wasting today. ~ Elizabeth Pfeiffer 

We need to forget to have space in our heart. Forgetting is part of our life. We use this to carry on and moving forward to face the new chapter of our daily lives. ~ Dante Belmores 

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