If opportunity doesn’t knock


If opportunity doesn't knock

The best part about doors is you can let people in through them or show people out through them (and lock it behind them, if necessary) ~ Dan Iradi 

Fear can paralyze and keep us from doing what God has in store for us. When in doubt I look up for strength and hope. I also have to remember that the only person I have to answer to is God; would he approve? ~ Jodie Loeks 

If you sit around and wait for your life to turn out how you want it to be, it won’t. You have to come out your comfort zone. Take risks. Who cares if you make a few mistakes along the way? It’s better than not doing anything and not trying. I had to definitely build some doors. Find out what makes you happy, get inspired and build lots and lots of doors. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Never turn down any opportunity that comes your way. “Dawn does not come twice to awaken a man” so don’t waste the opportunity of a lifetime when it comes knocking on your door. “He who refuses to embrace an unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he has failed.” An opportunity missed is as good as a failure. ~ Margaret Young 

God is the only one that offers you and open door that nothing or no one can shut or lock , it’s up to you to “go through” it. ~ Tammy Mullins 

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