A year ago, I would have never pictured my life the way it is now


A year ago, I would have never pictured my life the way it is now

Life is about growth so change is not only inevitable, it’s good, even when it doesn’t feel good. Keep moving forward until it gets better; it will. ~ Janie Lingle 

It is mind over matter; we all go through lows; but it is how you see life that matters. If you have a negative thought process or determine your worth by the ways others treat you; well then it is hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Think positive, pick one thing that is positive right now in your life; do this everyday; and soon your outlook on life will change; life will get better; you will be happier. There are people who have lost loved ones this year; a child perhaps; yet they go on and find happiness where they can. Many of those who say their life is worse; or still going to be bad; you still have time to change outlook. Yesterday is gone you can’t get it back; today is yours to change your life in a positive direction; and tomorrow well that is never promised. Live life to the fullest each day; even if your health limits you; you still can do something nice for yourself; and that is what makes life worth living..no one can make you happy but you. The respect you show yourself is how others will treat you; if you think negatively about yourself; well others will treat you negatively too. If you treat yourself right others will to because you will demand it. Positive thinking is your way to happiness; and taking care of your own well-being. ~ Tami Soleim 

We all have plans. God has bigger and better plans. God bestows upon us what we need, not what we desire.

I was very poor a year ago and now I am employed with a great company, making a good salary, benefits and able to help my grown kids and their families. ~ Julie Cass 

I was fighting breast cancer a year ago,but I won the battle and now I am a survivor. ~ Cathy Ero 

My life has changed so much. Extended on my house made it a 5 bedroom house. New huge kitchen and dinning room and I am happy. Not stressed and frustrated. Wow my life has changed. I live with the belief that good things are always coming. ~ Susanna Chase 

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