Learn to enjoy being alone in life


You have to learn how to be OK by yourself. A person can add to your happiness but don’t rely on someone else to make you happy- you will be disappointed.

I LOVE LOVE being alone. I go out of my way to avoid crowds. I like being around one or two people sometimes, as in visiting people occasionally to laugh and joke around, then I like to go back to my solace. I don’t like being around people all of the time. I have both lived with people and lived alone and for me life is so much easier, and more enjoyable by myself. I find so much joy in doing things alone. ~ Jonathan Phillips 

You have to learn to be your own best friend and enjoy being with yourself alone: then you can feel secure enough to let others close to you. Back when my life was chaotic many years ago, I was terribly insecure and felt like I had to have someone around me all the time. I didn’t like myself at all. Finally, figured out that the only person I could trust and know would be there for me was myself. So make friends with yourself first, make yourself the friend you would love to have and enjoy. ~ Judy Magee 

It’s great to be with people and also so great to be alone, we all need our own time alone. I went on several vacation on my own, met lots of good friends along the way, being alone will increase your confidence and strengthen your believe in your self make you stronger at the same time will be able to motivate & support others. We don’t need to have any one to be happy, we can make our own happiness by our selves. People doesn’t make you happy, they only can enjoy & share your happiness. ~ Aida Nejim 


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