Let God deal with the things people do to you


Let God deal with the things people do to you

Forgiveness is for you, not the ordinary person, if you forgive you can let it go and you can live in emotional freedom, but if you harbour harsh feelings, they start rooting into you’re emotions and only get deeper and deeper rooted and you’re consumed by those emotions and that will be in the way for anything good to come in and will effect your life as a whole. Let go and forgive. Be happy and grow with who you are. No one can live your life, but you. ~ Victoria Payne

When you have forgiveness in your heart that heavy burden lifted you have a light heart. ~ Becky Garcia

Hating is like drinking poison and hoping the person you hate gets sick. Forgiveness is a great healer. ~ Vincent Johnson

Hating someone is a very negative attitude that will drain our energy. That will destroy our spirit slowly like a “cancer”disease. So, we let go and let God heal us. ~ Jude Balbin

It’s hard to deal with it, but with God hand everything’s worth it. ~ Jenna Santos

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