Letting go may be hard


Letting go may be hard

Give change a chance.

It is up to us to create our own happiness because no one else will, unless we give them that power.

Letting go of the past is also just as important as letting go of relationships that make people miserable. The miserable past is gone and can not be undone. Let go of the past. Harping on the past never did anybody any good any ways. All it does is keep people from being happy and productive people. ~ Marie Buck

Sometimes you have to let go of someone or something to receive. The blessing God has for you. You cannot receive the blessing if your still holding on to the past. ~ Tammy Rozell

Letting go of loyalty can be difficult however being miserable is not something for forward progress. I languished in a situation for years and was very unhappy till finally I said enough is enough. ~ Eugene O’Neil

The time you spend being miserable is time you cannot replace, letting go is hard, but losing time is harder. ~ Elizabeth Douglas

I had to give up a friend of many years. The relationship became toxic for me. I have such peace and joy in my life, now that I don’t have to be with her. I do miss the “old” her though. ~ Deborah Fairburn

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