Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional


Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional

Most relationships would be more successful if we told each other how we were feeling and what we were thinking instead of expecting the other person to guess or know.

People somehow tend to get irritated if a man cries. Always reminding that you have harder things to face so learn to be strong. Now tell me, how can a man cry when the society at large expects them to be macho 24×7? ~ Bhavin Sutaria 

People don’t understand sensitivity any more. Everyone tells me you to get over it. ~ Michelle Davis 

Too many men are being raised to hold their feelings inside. This is wrong. We as mothers need to teach them to express themselves. Let them cry when they get hurt. It’s not being a sissy. Why do we tell our children these things? Then we wonder why they grow up with anger problems, and emotional baggage. We wonder why men won’t talk to us? We wonder why they don’t understand what we feel? It goes back to what they are taught growing up. So please teach your sons to feel, love, respect, and honor himself and others. That includes honoring the first woman in his life. ~ Kathy Delp 

What we need is to be able and under control to talk. We have a past and we have a lot of presuppositions and pre-comsumptions and sensations and sensitivenesses and complexes. So it is not easy to understand each other, so we face with misunderstanding and this is the beginning of distance and challenge. If we would understand each other in family life , first we should find out that we are one , otherwise we can not solve our problems and we live always in metal images not in realities. ~ Peyman Azad 

Some people are lucky enough to be able to show there emotions without persecution. Others fear showing there emotions because they always get hurt when they do. Opening up brings the potential danger of taking a bullet. After a person gets hit with a bullet so many times, they begin to numb. Fear to show any emotion but anger and sorrow because every time they do otherwise. all hell brakes loose. ~ Raymond Prince

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