Never Chase anyone in your Life


Never Chase anyone in your Life

Anything in life worth anything is worth working for. Chasing your dreams but not your friends. You do find the one’s worth having you don’t have to work at it. ~ Patricia Hobson 

If a person is meant for you, he/she will come to you. Don’t go after the one not walking with you and holding your hands not letting you go. You keep chasing your dreams though till you catch them. ~ Norma Powell 

You may chase someone/anyone, but don’t prolong it. Just enough to make the other “anyone” to realize your intent and true feelings, then let them decide whether they want to reciprocate the attention or not. ~ Johny Quela

You let the person know how you feel but don’t desperately chase them because you end up looking foolish and desperate. Give them their time to make a decision and if they can’t make one, it means they don’t want you nearly as much as you want them. ~ Sylvia Kayor 

In the end you come together at the right time when true love is there. ~ Melanie Stovall 

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