One day at a time is all we should be dealing with


One day at a time is all we should be dealing with

Live for today never what’s up tomorrow. You have to be in the present to get the present.

Don’t have time machine to take us back to yesterday, so that is dead and gone and tomorrow still uncertain so live for today your fullest. Enjoy while we are alive as long as we do not impose our views, opinions and beliefs to others. As long as I am living and enjoying my life today. I can forget the rest. ~ Norma Powell

This quote is about making each moment count. Living and not just existing. It is not telling you not to plan your future or to study for your exams that will take place the next day as an example. Every time you are doing something to better yourself and thinking about something positive in the now, you are living for today. It’s when you are reliving your past ( I should’of’s) or worrying about things you can’t control in the future, like the “what if’s, that is what the quote is trying to warn you about. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Set all your alarms and to do’s for tomorrow and set a 18 hour delay on coffee and crock pot. Sleep through today and pretty certain we’ve just controlled tomorrow. For some, control extends beyond today because they don’t let yesterdays consume their planning. ~ Bari Davis 

Sometimes when things are not that good it is the only way to deal with it. Tomorrow always gives one a chance for a better day. ~ Jane Gerrish 

Just wait what will come up in the future, and try to be glad of what you have today and don’t get stalled on what had happened yesterday. Just move on! ~ Loy Cuaresma 

The past exist only in our memories, the future exist only in our imaginations, but today…ahhh…today is real. Do something. ~ Mark Ryales 

We can control tomorrow by learning today.

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