People that are intimidated by you


People that are intimidated by you

Why people feel intimidated by someone just being herself when there is no intention whatsoever. It looks like being yourself, happy, open, honest, etc. upset them and yet they bad mouth you around. ~ Delmis Buitrago 

Some people misunderstood when we are frank and straightforward. It hurts them when we are telling the truth. People like this love lies but I still prefer to be honest. Sometimes others are intimidated the way you look and act. These people are judgmental. They easily judge people the way they look physically. ~ Vicvic Laurel 

People who have been abused by you try to educate others falling prey, but nobody ever listens. They continue to believe the sociopaths. ~ Kathleen Bellomy 

The only way to deal with a sociopath is to get them out of your life. They will always lie. They will always use you then they will leave you after they break your spirit. You can never win with someone who believes their own lies that is why they are so good at it. ~ Sharon Bouwman 

I actually can better understand the other persons point of view. When I remember talking bad about a person that I had loved before it always was because at first sight the person seemed so lovely and appealing but in reality they wasn’t and I didn’t want others to fail and be hurt like me when they figure out how these persons really are. ~ Laus Lauriña 

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