Staying quiet doesn’t mean you have nothing to say


Staying quiet doesn't mean you have nothing to say

When they hear my thoughts and speak the truth, I am the bad person! The truth is rarely pure and never simple. ~ Jayne Detweiler

Silence doesn’t mean I quit, it means you’re just not worth it anymore.

Sometimes my silence means why put the effort into saying the same thing over and over and sometimes it just means I cannot fight anymore. ~ Nerida Lister

People tend to be silent because they thinking that you are not ready to open your heart neither your mind to understand them.

The more quiet I become the more I see and hear. When I have had enough, the silence is broken with my heavily worded fact based speech. I’m tired of liars that twist to look good to others. I don’t care what others think when I spill the truth. I’m about to let loose again. My patience is running very thin. ~ Denise Hathaway 

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