People who take the heart out of you

People who take the heart out of you

Life is all about Mathematics because every relation we built up is like an equation we solve, so we must solve every equation carefully as well we have to make sure it’s been solved in correct order because in mathematics correct answers won’t give us full marks unless equations are solved in correct order.

Leave those heart taker and love those who bring it back to you.

It’s the ones that we always think will be there that turn their backs and its usually the most unlikely ones that end up being there for us. ~ Donna Allen 

I’ve had family who’ve done that to me. Sometimes I’ve had kindness suddenly come out of the most unexpected places that made me feel so much better. Why be around people who make you feel bad about yourself? It’s been tough, but I feel I’m stronger for coming through yet another family controversy with the same side of my family. ~ Karyn Rose 

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