Sometimes it’s better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel


Sometimes it's better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel

It’s even worse when they hear, they understand but they don’t care.

Only you can solve your problems. So better to hide it inside and fine some ways how things would be fine. ~ Bethzy Marisson

“Sometimes” I personally feel you should never bottle your feelings inside. I mean never. However, take into full considering what the “others” are. I share my feelings with only whom I know I will be understood, but don’t risk sharing your feelings with people whom you may be misunderstood.

It takes someone to go through the same thing you went through before they can understand. Telling your story is not asking for sympathy you just want to unload yourself of the burden you are carrying. Its not passing the burden to another human being but having a sounding board when you want someone to just have an ear, you are not asking for anything, sympathy,empathy or compassion. ~ Norma Powell

I lost a “friend’ because of that, but if someone will put their ego above all else when you’re going through a hard time, not a definition of “friend” anyway. ~ Amy Enders

Better to be silent and talk to God who can understand us and gives us comfort. ~ Joy Siboa

I’ve lost friends for saying what I felt sometimes. Apparently they had no interest in the “real me.” ~ Elizabeth CW

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