Have faith that things will work out


Have faith that things will work out

Sometimes you just have to believe that everything happens for a reason even though right now you don’t know what that reason is.

Plans can change! we have the ability to change our mind and feelings if we truly want too. ~ Greg Martinez

Life would be much simpler if everyone can accept whatever outcome in everything they do. ~ KweeLing Chen

When you are exhausted and cannot see the way out, the miracles start happening. You can appreciate them because of the hardship in your past. If I face a hardship I thank HIM and I cannot wait for miracles again

I prayed for a miracle. I got it. It wasn’t what I asked for, but it was exactly what I needed. Life has been so much like this for me. Like this rose, it’s delicate and beautiful, and so full of rich color. I’d have missed if I kept looking for things the way I expect them to be. ~ Barbara Broerman

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