Relationships aren’t designed for selfish individuals


Relationships are aren't designed for selfish people

When a relationship doesn’t last it’s someone’s fault and it’s because they couldn’t/wouldn’t work with their partner, and expected their partner to work for them. ~ Unknown

The human condition is such that most of us are selfish on some level. Relationships are designed to “help us work through that conditioning” and learn how to be “loving.” When you know that the “battle” is more than half won. Relationships are “test labs.” Unfortunately some of us stay in the lab and go around the block, several times until we get it. Some never get it. ~ Felix Williams

True love is not about oneself or someone to make you feel good about yourself. It is to give your all, love and you will be loved. ~ Richard Williams 

It takes both persons to make the effort to be honest, truthful, loving, understanding, compassionate etc. It is not easy and it certainly won’t work when it is only one sided. Treat your other half the way you would like to be treated and for God’s sake talk! Communication is the key that will open up all kinds of locked doors. ~ Jan Perna 

Relationships are a two way street. Both people have to make an effort of giving and taking.

A relationship is two people who give equally to each other, they communicate and work together to achieve what they want together, they respect, love, support and care for their other half. A selfish person is unable to do these things as they only care for themselves & therefore there is no room for anyone else. Result being a lonely sad individual from their own making. ~ Jules Starfish 

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