Revealing your feeling is the beginning of healing


Revealing your feeling is the beginning of healing

Its a known fact that the event itself does not cause the most damage but not having someone to talk to about it, keeping it stuffed inside for years and years will do the most harm. Stuffing your feelings can cause pay a major role on deterioration of health, anxieties, PTSD, cancers and as far as causing psychosis, neurosis and all kinds of mental illnesses.

It is a long arduous path, one I recently had to take and am still dealing with after 2 years. What I found helped me was a journal, writing about the days what I did how I felt and acknowledgement and acceptance of my feelings whatever they may be and telling myself they are ok to have. I usually end off with a compliment to myself or a positive affirmation. It’s called positive psychology. It doesn’t always work, each day is different and sometimes I don’t believe my own bs but for the most part it is enough to bring me out of a dark place of emptiness. But, these are baby steps to overall healing process and I found once I realized my true feelings (even though I could do nothing about them) it was in a sense a release. Giving total control to my true emotions was liberating it’s still painful don’t’ get me wrong but I know it will be ok. One day at a time is all I can do and I know some days will be better than others. I try to make the most of what I have and be thankful for the little things, life is too short. ~ Lesleigh Stanley 

You always have friends, love ones and family to listen to you. All you need is learn how to Trust and have a positive outlook in life. ~ Berlyn Pandili

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