Don’t ever use someone’s past against them


Don’t ever use someone’s past against them

It’s so evil to use the past against someone. ~ Rolph Mars

Emotions must be kept within to make one self strong & not to make some very special one feel weaker. ~ Paras Arora

Some people tend to use others past mistakes just to make them feel bad and worthless. But what should be known is that each one of us has errored before and its very unwise for someone to blame or judge somebody because of there past mistakes. We should always make sure that we check ourselves before pointing our dirty fingers at other people’s mistakes. Usually people who always point at other people’s mistakes are the one who error every time and they are less productive. ~ Kennedy Chushi

There’s a saying that goes with that. Let sleeping dogs lie. If it’s in the past. Leave it. You’ve passed and things are doing fine. don’t be stupid and drag up old hurt and pain. It’s called forgiveness. When you forgive you do just that. Leave it and move on. It help’s no one to drag up past hurt. Takes some people a bit longer to get this. ~ Ramona Bishop

It is one thing to want to remind someone when you see them repeating mistakes to help them, but do so with love even if it’s tough love. It’s another thing, to use it against a person when they are not making any mistakes and trying to move passed them. Trying to make them their past, not a present and constant reminder. It’s called belittling and self righteousness. ~ Maria Perez

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