Some things are just out of your control


Have faith in what will be

Accept what is, is those things you can’t change as in other peoples actions, though we can change how we react to it. let go of anything negative but never forget the lessons it has taught you, and you must have faith in what is to come, how will anything you desire happen if you cant believe it? ~ Deborah Yarbrough 

Life itself is a blessing in disguise. We come into this world with no initial expectations except the undeniable knowledge of how truly blessed we are with the gift of life itself. We harbour no false pretensions nor expectations of life in general and ours in particular, make no false assumptions and never presume that the world owes us a living. Rather we owe it to ourselves to live our lives the best we possibly can with whatever hand we’re dealt with and with whatever life has placed within our grasp. By definition, the very quality of one’s life is measured when one is focussed on looking at the wider picture to think big and envision dreams to realize, goals to accomplish, destinations to reach. Aspirations and achievements are the incentives which keep us actively engaged yet finding time within ourselves to pursue happiness and laughter in the pure joy of being alive, offering thanks to the Almighty for bequeathing us the opportunity of a life well lived within the narrow confines of our world. Stay blessed! ~ Margaret Young 

You have to accept what is, whether it is your weight, your life situation, health, etc. in order to start to change it. If you can’t accept where you are at this moment, it’s time for a change. Acceptance is recognizing something is where it is whether you like it or not. ~ Missy Bauer 

Some things are just out of your control. Accept them for what they are and live your life to the fullest.

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