Someone still cross your mind everyday


Someone still cross your mind everyday

It’s missing someone who passed away and you miss them so much that you think of them at least once a day.

Every moment you can’t forget someone that gave you so much to remember.

If someone means so much to you, you could easily think of them every day.

It’s because that someone is still in your heart.

You wish that person never came in your life but then when you think about the moments you spent with that person it brings a smile on your face. Guess everything happens for a reason.

When you fall in love you still thinking about the person who you love them all the time.

Sometimes it happened when you use to be close with someone (either in relationship, or friendship, or relatives) then out of sudden things just don’t work out. You feel like they left you or put you aside. They feel like you left or put them aside, then both of you called it off. No more communication, then you started to realized, what has happened, hen they keep crossing your thought and your mind each day. ~ Sinead Fee 

That is indicative of either true love for the parents, or love between spouses when they are apart for some reason, or absolute sincere friendship. ~ Fatima Abduraouf

This could refer to people still living  eg: soldiers away from home.

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