The Nicest people are the ones who get hurt the most


Never push a Loyal person

Too many selfish, self centered people out there. They usually learn when it’s too late. ~ Shirley Gardner 

A loyal person will be loyal no matter what. Even if it’s in distance, even if it always has to be in distance. ~ Danita King 

They won’t push you away unless they themselves don’t care. In that case, quit being loyal and find someone who does care and who appreciates you. ~ Laura Alderson 

Never be loyal to a person who does not care. It’s waste of time & energy. Best to get out of their way so they can move on to the nothing they enjoy  then you can move on to something real. ~ Carol Smith 

Only one’s heart and one’s soul knows how loyal one is. Even if one has to break one’s own heart by knowing one deserve better, there comes a point when one should know letting go will turn out better. Loyalty is the best quality. ~ Alma Bratten 

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