Sometimes burning bridges isn’t a bad thing


Sometimes burning bridges isn't a bad thing

You do have to burn that bridge after a while after you’ve tried all you can to be there for someone and they just end up ripping your heart out instead of living you for who you are. ~ Jo Metz 

When you have exhausted everyday to heal in the situation, change everything about your part in it & it is still not good for your soul. Let it Burn & Run! ~ Soleil Filomena

Letting go is so important to healing and creating space for the good stuff. ~ Anna McAlister

Every bridge is some way forward. Sometimes we take what is not necessarily a bridge which is the best for us– but this is when we have the choice to turn around and try another path. So to me, “A bridge you ‘SHOULD’ never have been on” does not exist: just my view and a way of looking at life and the challenges it sets for you; to learn as we progress through many bridges and paths. Yes, if you decide you do not want that bridge: burn it, but there is a reason for every bridge if only we can see it and learn from it. ~ Victoria Chick 

Let me say you something: a man without a past, doesn’t have a history and a man without history maybe is not that interesting. Dear folks, keep this in mind: left behind the past, live the present and keep the future ahead. ~ Zelma Cardenas

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