If they really care, they will always find time for you


If they really care, they`ll always find time for you

If they give you the ((excuse)) about them being ((too)) busy. Then you know right then and there you’re not important to them. ~ Jazzy Johnson

Being so busy that you forget what you think are the little things in someone else’s life, might just have been the biggest thing to them. ~ Lithia Davenport

“Busyness” is just an easy excuse. When our priorities are right, we are never too busy for those we care about most. ~ Julie Clark

If they care and truly love you they should find time even if it’s 5 minutes. It’s sad to say that the ones that you love the most tend to hurt you the most. ~ Violet Gjelaj

We are all certainly busy in our lives and I don’t think most of us expect much these days but being too busy to return phone calls when friends reach out really is one of my pet peeves. You give the other person the convenience of getting back to you and they still are too busy. I’m still waiting for a “friend” to get back to me after telling her I need an ear. Don’t worry I got the hint. ~ Christine Heimbecker

I am busy all the time, but if I don’t make the time for those in my life that need me, how could I expect them to be there for me when I need them. Caring and time sharing is a two way street. Carrying someone in your heart and mind is a wonderful thing, but reaching out physically to those you care about seals the deal, letting them know you are within reach. It can be as simple as a phone call if the distance between you is great. ~ Bonnie Long

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