Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom


Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom

The key is not having to reach bottom to call out to the lord but keeping him as a part of each day will keep you from falling so far down and hitting every thorn branch on the way day, but you will be held with wings of angels saving you from an ungraceful fall. ~ Faith Oconnor

Don’t lose your faith because your hitting bottom. Keep your faith to help you reach the top. He gave you freedom to choose which way you want to go in life without judgement. ~ Claude Thomas

Praise God! He’s always there to lift you back up out of the darkness, no matter how many times you end up there. God is good. ~ Elaine Wallace

Have faith & realize God is EVERYTHING. Never let’s you down & will always catch you as you fall through faith, love, good people & energy above. Trust the process. ~ Heather Pinsky

You just hit rock bottom from passed procrastination, and the failure on your part to have the foresight and attitude to deal with life. To many People are broke, alcoholics, drug addicts, felons, etc but refuse to look for a better job or way. Thinking God will give you a magic ride through life. Believe what you want, but lives not easy and if you want it to be a smooth trip put a cushion on the floor. ~ Robert Beedle

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