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No one knows how much you’re hurt

Some things take time & energy. Don’t judge! The heart / head heals in its own time.  You have no idea what someone else is going through unless you are going through it yourself. The person experiencing the steps of grieving and depression needs to understand that others will condemn their decision and time, but it …

Hurt me with the Truth, but Never comfort me with a Lie

Give me the beautiful lie and you can keep your ugly truth. What you don’t know won’t hurt you. No truth = No respect = A waste of time Truth is always the best way to go in life. Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes it feels real good. ~ Marlizper Centinales  There is no comfort in …

When you are healed from your life?

When you can look at the lesson you learned and smile, you are truly healed. ~ Alicia Criswell It takes time, and sometimes you will feel the pain, however when you are healed you can feel the pain without falling apart. ~ Eileen Gonzalez I have been tested, pushed and I am here stronger than ever.