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Before you hurt someone, feel

Innocent people are hurt in the process. One you say and/or do something. You can’t undo the damage. Don’t hurt someone for your own selflessness or to get back at another. Life has a way of bringing right back to you. KARMA! ~ Carol Rucker  Conversation is a two way connection. Keep the connection open. No need …

Forgive those who have wronged you

You must forgive and begin to love yourself. The rest will then take care of it’s self.  You first have to admit that you make mistakes. That is when you start to heal. When you admit to yourself is ok that you are not perfect you stop expecting everyone else to be. ~ Kim Dalby   

Forgive those who insult or take you for granted

Forgiving them doesn’t mean you have to stay with them especially if the abuse is continuous! ~ Stuart Livingstone    God does not judge anyone, its called cause and effect. Whatever you give out, you get back in return. The only reason to forgive them is to move forward in your journey to wonderful things. ~ Puchi Mcshadow 

Don’t forget those who love you everyday

We let go and not let that person ever linger in our hearts or minds. It’s like cleaning our doorstep. There’s that feeling of relief we get after cleansing ourselves of all dirt and poison. ~ Wim Salampessy    It can take a while to get over pain but it’s important to not let it destroy you. …

If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer

After being used, abused, and betrayed, I used to do this and found myself profoundly unhappy and unnecessarily preoccupied. There is nothing productive or satisfying about waiting around for Karma to exact some measure of revenge for you. It’s much easier and more gratifying to let go and trust God’s will, plan, and timing. ~ Kimberley Martin  …