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The best things that will ever happen to you

Only some people will take heed, others will continue making bad choices, then wonder why their life is not going their way. ~ Angie Peltier  Failed relationships, bad parents & everything between, now I have my soul mate and two beautiful baby boys. Bad choice & all I would do it all again. ~ Nora Bridges 

Some people won’t understand you

No matter how hard you try to communicate with someone, if their ears and hearts are closed for you, they will not understand anything. ~ Alcuizar Barredo  The ones who won’t listen are the ones who never cared, instead of talking I’ll just write a message or look them straight in their eyes. ~ Jessyline Maquito The people …

What goes around comes around

Karma is good with the good. Stay safe! Be good! Do good and good will follow you, what you sow you shall surely reap.  Good Karma is the result of the purity and respect of our creations in the world. Bad karma results from creating disrespect in any form. ~ Mark Pavlich  I’m a firm believer in this, …