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Think positive & hope for the best

What we say & how we say it bring that same energy back to us. If our thoughts, posts or words are negative we are generating energy that acts like a magnet. Our actions bring more of whatever energy we put out. If you want positive things to happen post or say things that are positive. …

The lack of drama makes life so much easier

Actually being straightforward can also hurt people. So it’s best to keep sensitive matters such as a person’s weight to yourself. Honest is the best policy until it becomes a personal attack. It’s best to keep things positive, especially with so much violence in the world. ~ Kimberley Wilder  I’m “straightforward”, with tact. There are people that …

Sometimes things take time in life

Don’t let people that have their own problems drag you down. When your negative it creates stress an anxiety. Who wants that. Right! If it’s out of your control let it go. Usually that’s when solutions come. When you give up on hopes, you begin to loose faith.