Take vacations! Go as many places as you can


Take vacations! Go as many places as you can

Just don’t forget to take those inexpensive, weekend, overnight, mini-vacations. Build those memories. Sometimes we’re so busy living our daily lives we forget to set aside a little bit of time for them. ~ Germaine Zurita 

You can make everyday a small vacation by taking some time out, even half hour to walk through a lovely park, listen to nature, go for a stroll along the beach and just listen to the waves, and just rest the mind for half hour. Even just have your own space for half an hour, this can be better than any vacation. ~ Claudia Crisafi 

You’d be amazed at how much we spend our money on. Starbucks, fast food, Red Box, Cable, huge phone data plans. etc. If you cut just a few things out, you can make that vacation happen. ~ Beth Edwards 

Bike rides, hiking, walks, tag, hide and seek, movie nights, game nights at home, camping trips in the back yard with small fire, scavenger hunts, lots of public beaches to go to for the day and lots more thing. I can think of to make memories with your family that that won’t break the bank. Some people just have the wrong idea of what it takes to make memories with your family. You don’t need to spend 5000-10000 to go overseas. To have a family vacation unless you have the financial freedom to do so it’s not smart for a lot of people either trying to get back on track financially or maybe doing ok but an expensive vacation or two could really add some stress when you can’t afford anything when you get back because your now trying to pay bills and debt and can’t seem to get out of that whole you have created. DONT SPEND MONEY YOU. DONT HAVE PEOPLE! Get yourself in a position that you can take expensive vacation if you want then do it. In the mean time 1000s of things you can do with your family and friends to make memories. ~ Jason Stortini 

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