The most dangerous Liars


The most dangerous Liars

Truth always look dangerous. Real people knows truth, liars knows how to comment.

I used to be married to a person like that. I’m lucky to be rid of such a toxic individual. ~ Andrea Smith

These are manipulators. Talk to fit and convince themselves it’s the truth. You will never win with them and can be harmed by their confabulations of the truth. ~ Barbara Butler

I had a best friend, of 20 years and she had to have her way and she used me, controlled and manipulated me and she was very disrespectful to me, said some mean things, not sorry and still expected me to be her ride and when I didn’t, and she didn’t get her way, she turned on me and told lies about what happened and slandered me on her facebook and turned people against me and realized that was not a true friend. I am much happier now than I was. The things that she told me was she telling me the truth or was she lying to me. Our friendship ended last year. ~ Sharon Diedrich

If the relationship doesn’t make you a better person best to get out of the relationship immediately.

It is reflective of how unwell the person is. It becomes their truth over time as all they have known is dishonesty. It infects all those around them and can be devastating. Find the strength to go against the grain and challenge what as become the unhealthy/dysfunctional norm. It is liberating as you are no longer condoning this behavior and thus in turn living a lie yourself. End the cycle – cultivate change and grow. ~ Jennifer Taylor

Liars think that we don’t know they are lying, but it is so obvious when you look in their eyes, in the tone of the voice, the speed of the speech and the body language. We know for sure and they don’t realize it one minute. It is not very pleasant to have that kind of person in your family. ~ Frances Kotar

Liars are caught when they lie and can not remember the lies and tell more to cover up and it blows totally out of control (this is why I struggle telling any lies or fibs, I don’t have the time and energy to file them away and remember them). However I believe a sociopath has the skill and in most cases believes the lies and deceit so can use it to there advantage. They do not have a sense or right or wrong, guilt and remorse. ~ Sammii Shaw

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