The most painful tears


The most painful tears

Only those who have experience it will truly understand this.

Those are the tears that tell you, “I’m alive and I’m growing”. For through adversity we grow and become the person we are destined to be. ~ Joanna Britt 

A broken heart, broken dreams, all the plans, all that we wanted to do, be, our plans, goals no more, she left this world, left me here, alone. Tears have fallen from the heart, many, many tears. Drifting now, no longer the shared dreams, goals. Beautiful memories of a long lost time of love and bliss and joy. ~ Dena Meier 

The most painful type of crying that produces these type of tears is silent crying. The type of crying that you just can’t hold in, so you go somewhere quiet and just cry. Your muscles get tense and your legs get weak. You fall to the ground and just sit against the wall crying, holding your stomach because it hurts. Your whole body aches and you are crying so hard that you can barely breath. The type of crying that literally takes your breath away. You try to control the tears but they just keep falling until they cant possibly fall anymore. Your head just throbs and you can feel a heartache. A real heartache where your heart hurts and you are so broken from all of the pain. All you can do is put your hand over your mouth and try to make a sound not knowing if anything will come out and trying to breathe at the same time filled with so many emotions but thinking of nothing. That is the kind of crying that causes these kind of tears. ~ Melaine Eileen

My soul soaking wet right now, but the sun will shine through and through. ~ Molly Gonzalez 

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