I’m not angry, I’m Hurt


I'm not angry, I'm Hurt

Anger subsides. Hurt changes you forever.

Sincerity is an expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people. ~ Margarita Keremidchieva 

The hardest thing is to realise that whilst we might have the usual normal expectations of one that supposedly love us. The truth is, that they just aren’t able to deliver. The peace comes when we realise that it is us that holds this expectation and this expectation is not shared by others, and they don’t have it within them to do what’s needed. Don’t worry, it has taken me years to realise this and worth through the hurt of realising that in the end, I’m on my own. I’m ok now. ~ Phil Rosesoflondon 

I have stopped hating or being angry when my expectations are not fulfilled. Peace and focus in what you came for. ~ Manan Subba 

Honestly sometimes I think people just get sick of liars. ~ John Gustin 

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