To be rich, isn’t what you have in your bank account


To be rich, isn't what you have in your bank account

Better to be poor in finances and rich in spirit, than it is to be the other way around!

I don’t have much in my earthly bank Account, so it is only what is in my heart. I would rather treasures in heaven. ~ Pushparanee Ratnesar

I prefer the richness coming from the heart because it will stay it’s goodness, caring and graciousness with genuinity, but for bank account you can never keep long, it’s only a material thing. ~ Quuensleyann Martinez 

In this life, being wealthy and having material possessions are not the only measures to be rich, happy and contented. What measures much is your adherence and obedience to the words of The Almighty God. ~ Tirso Bautista 

Being spiritually rich is far better than being materially rich. Too many people today put emphasis on that. ~ Jennifer Ritoli

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