True Love does exist


True Love does exist

True love exists everywhere. Both parties need to want it and work at it. Not give up. ~ Missy Joe

Couples who stay committed to each other wants to make it work. It needs patience, love, understanding & forgiveness. Without all it wouldn’t be possible to last to the golden age. ~ Linda Martial 

True love does exist. Things may not always be perfect, but it helps when each is willing to give and take. Knowing I’m not perfect and being willing to cut my partner some slack. The rewards of a lifetime commitment are well worth it. ~ Sue Honnell 

I’m in the lucky class, 43 years of blissful happiness with the same wife, and not a day goes by without our telling each other how special that is. ~ John Dixon 

My parents had 61 wonderful years together. They had hard times raising 6 of us but still held hands and kissed each other several times during the day and constantly told each other “I love you”. ~ Beth Wood 

Old couples! They are the genuine proof because they’ve struggled so many phases in their lives and still they managed to stay together, so give I them a salute. ~ Johanna Marie

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