We all make mistakes


We all make mistakes

Sometimes the most important lessons in life can only be learnt through hard fall, but that’s how things sometimes must be. ~ Jocelyn Galang 

You will keep creating and attracting the same situations and experiences in your life that support the programs of your subconscious mind until you choose to make them conscious ( take full responsibility and ownership for your life and stop blaming your external reality) and change them. ~ Joanne Thompson

We learn a lesson in one context, then it comes back in a totally different situation. Example: Anger! That’s a biggy and it comes back again and again and again. If we not react to what’s happening and we be the observer, this gives us time to overcome negative thinking and gradually slowly but gradually overcome the temptation to be angry. (One lesson of life’s billions we are learning to over come) ~ Bobbi Mitchell 

Ego and stupidity is the stumbling blocks,which we should let go to allow happiness and relationship to cherish. ~ Veerappan Tanggapan

Study hard and get through the challenges of life. Life-long learning!

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