You will find one person who will love you


The ONLY one “who loves with so much sacrifice, surrender and gives so much that it scares you” in my opinion is God and personally, I am eternally grateful. Beyond that, “in your lifetime” “you will find and meet “one” person who will love you more than anybody you have ever known and will know”….(hopefully, there will be more than “one person” in your life who loves you unconditionally – your life should be filled with love!) And then, also realize that “one person” is YOU- “YOU” are the one who has the power to “love with every bit of energy and soul” and “YOU” are given a “lifetime”(no matter how long or short that may be), to give,receive and share that “LOVE”… If you are truly “blessed”.. there will be “many more” than just “one person”…The reality of all of this is the fact that “YOU” only get “ONE” life – “LOVE” is a choice,”LOVE” precious “gift” whether you are giving it or receiving it…ALWAYS love abundantly! “Life” is too short for anything less…. ~ Denise Fox 

I am so very blessed that my husband loves me this way. We’ve been married 30 years now and the love he gives me has never changed. He is a loving, compassionate and loves unconditionally. He demonstrates these qualities with others too, but our love goes beyond this. God gave me someone to love and we both feel that we’ve been blessed in ways that some never realize for themselves. ~ Kathy Ross 


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