Be selective with your battles


Be selective with your battles

Sometimes you have to decide to be right or remain friends.

Just ignoring some people who have a constant need to ruin our peace of mind. In that case we should put a smile on our face and beat them with our happiness from inside. ~ Dijana Haseljic 

Peace is definitely the better way to go. That’s why sometimes silence or walking away from someone who is always looking for a battle about someone or something is not purposeful. You can’t win even when it’s not about you. They always try to draw you in and it’s so draining and so debilitating. ~ Jacquie Breen 

If I know I’m right, I know it & don’t have to waste my energy trying to convey I am. Let people live in their delusional little world, but when I’m wrong I can say so. ~ Jodi Williams 

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