Don’t come to my funeral to show how much you cared about me


Don't come to my funeral to show how much you cared about me

Give Me My Flowers While I’m Living. I Won’t Know anything About Them When I’m Gone. ~ Virginia Sholar

Don’t live with regrets. Best to express love to our love ones before one has the chance to show it’s uglyhead. When the slightest expression of love pops into our heads we should do it when possible. God knows what we or our love ones need just at that moment. ~ Fay Metheny

The ones who cry the most at a funeral are usually the ones who regret not doing anything for the person while they were alive. ~ Mary Rich

People will not come around when you’re alive and sick but die and they will immediately parade to funeral home as though they were your best friends showing the love. ~ Sharon Ramsey

Answer is simple, make a will so that no one should know that you are gone except those who are with you now. It will not make an iota of difference to those who don’t care but it will give you and your immediate family an immense freedom from nuisance of those who were ever digging ‘your’ grave but appear with tonnes load heavy crocodile tears. The worst are speeches made in foolish asinine tones that makes one departed look like what he was not and raise legitimate questions.’ Is this the man he really was. Respect in life for a nano second is better than a ton of tears after death. ~ Iqbal Latif

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