Don’t say, “There’s still time or maybe next time”.


Don't say. There's still time or maybe next time

Life doesn’t always give people second chances.

Tell people you love them while you can, you never know when it’s too late.

Sometimes doing it tomorrow never happens. Tomorrow turns into days, then days into months, months into years. Just do it or try. ~ Joanne Finn 

You can’t measure ” time “, it’s is just an earthly definition. Do not wait until tomorrow to do something that you can do today, it’s just a completion of your soul. ~ Blaj Lily 

As I get older, I think about this a lot. So many missed opportunities, taking care of my body, spending quality time with my family and making the most of every day. My only regret is I did not think about it when I was younger and how to help the younger generation embrace it’s understanding before it’s too late. ~ Denise Snyder

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