For those who believe in Karma


For those who believe in Karma

Karma does not take sides it comes full circle and eventually goes right back where it started and takes care of what it has to.

Karma is the effect of causes you set in motion in the past, whether 10 minutes ago or 10 lifetimes ago. You reap what you sow, and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. By the law of karma, or the law of the circle, the energy you send out (positive or negative) will always return to you, for better or worse. The choice is yours.

Like attracts like. Negative low vibrational energy attracts negativity. We must practice love and forgiveness to progress beyond circumstances.

Do Unto Others, as you would have them Do Unto You.

Unfortunately some people live in a bubble where they can do and say what they like with no thought for anyone else and nothing happens to them.

It does seem like some people can do anything they want & still live a perfect life. What I’m told is that God will take care of them in his own time.

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