Don’t take people for granted


Don't take people for granted

Real love never gets tired but increases everyday with great charm. If it gets tired it means it was not love just caring or just your outer material beauty which is just temporary. ~ Bhushan Shah

We do not know how important some people are to us until they can’t being taken for granted any more, or neglected any more. All of us need to know we are loved and matter. In the last days the love of many will wax cold. I look at strangers on the street or in a restaurant and you can see the absence of being loved in their life. It takes so little to make people know they matter. ~ Sharon Turner 

Sometimes those same people need you more than they can even possibly know at the time and then later is too late. Love now! ~ Sujatha Juarez

Know when enough is enough and distance yourself from anyone who will cause you more sadness than happiness. ~ Chee Tang

When I was going through rough times with my wife and this came to my mind many times because she always took me for granted and I thought one day I would get tired of it all and eventually I did. Now she regrets have taking me for granted but its too late, I wont go back. I think its human nature to not care for one who cares for you. Its like one needs a challenge from the other to keep ones attention towards that person. If they lead you to believe that other people are interested in them, then your stay interested in them but if you think no one is interested in them then you lose interest in them and take them for granted. Its human nature not science. “Never let anyone be your everything because when they are gone, you will be left with nothing”. ~ Carlos Salinas.

Too many divorces happen because we take each other for granted. My grandparents were together till they died, and they cherished each other. Three of my friends from India are in arranged marriages and they are in love with their husbands because they know they are gonna make it work no matter what. They don’t treat each other as temporary or disposable. ~ Madelena De Medeiros 

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