Fools take a knife & stab people in the back


Actually the wise take a knife and cut a sandwich in half and eat it while the two fools hang and stab each other in the back. ~ Jarame Torbjörn 

There so many kind of fools. You can see them from a mile. I never let them step on my own turf and do not listen to their manipulative talks and totally ignore them. ~ Rosario Larion 

When the fool looks around and wonders why the wise is no longer there… They should look in the mirror, close their eyes and remember all the things the wise did to help them. Then remember all the things the fool did to stab the wise in the back. The wise kept quiet knowing it was being done and let the fool keep going. Funny how the fool would tell others things the wise said making sure to omit the words the fool spoke also. The wise still remains tight lipped however will never help the fool again. ~ Catherine Casper 


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